Web Design Trends

The web design world and development has been changing so much in the last few years more than ever before. Predicting trends that will define this industry in the next few years and probably transform this industry is not easy as a result of so many developments that change almost at the blink of an eye. With many designers mandated with the responsibility to man the transition, there is a number of design trends predicted to change or roll out strongly in the next few years, beyond 2013.

Responsive Design
While responsive type of web design is not a new phenomenon, it was in 2012 when it came alive and there have been a lot of widespread adaptive embracing of this fluid approach in web design layouts. The expectation is that in the next few years, responsive type of web design will burgeon and move from simple folding down of the design to tablet, handhelds to desktop. There will definitely be a lot of planning on the way websites are expected to expand upward as they adapt to different and larger types of displays.

As much as Apple is expected to release a unique TV set in the next few months, predictions are rife that large-screen browsing of the web will soar in popularity in corporate boardrooms, local cafes, living rooms and in other areas. A website has to be ready to adapt to this different larger-format scenarios if the need be.

Advancements are also expected to transcend the norm to web-enabled dashboards for cars. This is a result of the possibility that Siri might be about to enter the automobile world including embedded Windows 8 in cars. Apps and websites will definitely have to be optimized and respond to these formats.

Design Typography
Due to many variations manifested in typography, web designers currently have so many fonts they can work with. Nonetheless, typography selection is hardly a small decision today and selection of a fashionable typography design has become very crucial. The next few years are expected to be the age of typography as a result of the importance they are expected to receive. Web designers are not expected to replace text using beautiful images any longer but to try and enhance the beauty of a site via typography and it will be the foundation of just about any website.

Development education and web design
For some time now, a number of higher education curricula and programs have failed to offer strong foundations for those interested in web design as a professional career. All the programs and coursework provided are a number of years behind what the industry has become today.

Currently, there are new paths for experienced professionals and other interested persons to advance their web design skills rapidly and straighten their profession as expert web designers. While this has taken place in a way, the next few years are expected to have many online training services rolled out to teach those interested in professional app development or web design.

While so much is expected to change in the world of web design in the next few years, user interface design, as complex a topic as it might be in creating digital products, is expected to change and increase in the next few years. This is true for most web layouts seeking better ways of matching content styles and navigations to give users a successful experience.